Who Gives A Damn (womp_rat) wrote,
Who Gives A Damn

Disturbing dream # 48293

The world was invaded by aliens (the 2nd alien invasion dream I've had in a week) and was devided into territories governed by different "alien" cultural groups. The Chicago area was under the rule of sorcerors. By this time I think the alien invasion dream may have ended and this was a completely different dream, but just for the effect let's say this was the same dream. My family is split up, and I'm with my sister, my mother, and my cousin. I found out by looking at a computerized map that there are only two territories that were taken over by the "aliens" and there was one free territory called Darnassus, marked on the map by a gray silver castle icon. I told my family that we have to get to Darnassus so we can be free but nobody wanted to go with me. I got on my mount and made way for Darnassus and after being chased by evil mobs of sorcerors and Devouring Earth* I reached the sea.

Then I woke up to the Food Network because I left my TV on last night.

*Devouring Earth are a group of creepy looking bad guys from City of Heroes.
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"Darnassus" sounds familiar.