Who Gives A Damn (womp_rat) wrote,
Who Gives A Damn

And We're BACK!

Ok, I'm starting to feel bad, seeing as incendiarymind misses me so much. I read everyone's crap, I just don't post anymore. So yes, I'm pretty much stalking you. I've been playing World of Warcraft way too much, and I guess that's why I don't write anymore. All my brain cells have been killed off in Alterac Valley and Zul'Gurub, and thus I have nothing to share.

Go Cubs, though! For those who actually care and actually know what I'm referring to, I will be keeping track of the new CF-O-Meter, where I will keep track of the two past and present opening day center fielders of the Chicago Cubs.

Corey Patterson
Avg. .100
Hit 1
BB 0
SO 3
SB 1

Juan Pierre
Avg .273
BB 7
SO 2
Hit 6
SB 0

As you can see, Corey Patterson, who know plays for the Balimore Orioles, has one more stolen base than Juan Pierre. I guess we really don't know what we're missing, as was the case with Sammy Sosa when HE was traded to the O's.

Again, I must apologize to the residents of Baltimore for dumping our garbage on you. I'm sure one day you will have the chance to return the favor.
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