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Who Gives A Damn

Holy Hell it's back to LJ.
I'm looking for a new host for my blog since my current host doesn't support the latest version of PHP and they don't allow you to create new SQL databases. So I am moving out of there and looking for a new host. If anyone knows of a good one (possibly with movable type or wordpress already installed) please let me know. I've been busy with my brother's wedding a week ago. I gave a toast speech that made people cry. Why am I cursed with the inherent ability to make people sad?

Revenge of the Sith comments

This isn't a review. All I have to say is all you who demand perfection from a science fiction film need to remember that this is science fiction and it will never be Shakespeare in Love or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There need to be special effects, violence, and muppets. There's some kind of cool new trend to rip on everything George Lucas made because he has delusions of cinematic grandeur. Also, ALL love scenes are stupid an unrealistic, no matter what film you're looking at. If you think people spout poetic romantic lines to each other in real life, then you should get your head checked. But forget the love scenes for a minute. George Lucas gave you what you wanted. Epic battle scenes. A target audience slightly older than the last. Lack of Jar Jar Binks. Explanations and tie-ins to the original trilogy. Violence. I have not heard one bad review that wasn't a result of either a short attention span, an exaggerated attention span, or an aversion to anything Lucas or pop culture. So if anyone truly disliked the film, please indulge me.

Wal Mart gives me another reason to hate them

I was trying to avoid Wal-Mart, so Wal-Mart came to me. It was not only in the form of a new store being built close to my parents house, but this was more covert. I was balancing my checkbook this weekend when I noticed my balance was too low. I knew I spent a lot of money on my brother's bachelor party, but this was ridiculous. I checked the balance and noticed a debit of almost $400 charged to my account by Wal-Mart. I tried to remember ever making some kind of debit to Wal-Mart, but I kept returning to the fact that I don't shop there. I had to cancel my saturday morning plans to run to the bank and get an investigation started. It turned out someone wrote a starter check and someone at Wal-Mart accepted the wrong account number. Who the hell accepts starter checks for $400??? I should get the money back in about a week, but who knows what the investigation will turn up. Maybe some redneck got smart and decided to steal my identity because his meth lab wasn't bringing in enough cash.
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