Who Gives A Damn (womp_rat) wrote,
Who Gives A Damn

This would be funny if it wasn't me

I don't care if you believe ADD exists or not, but this pretty much sums up my life.

My therapist suggested that I schedule specific times do work on certain projects so that I don't put them off, and not use ambiguous phrases like "later", "tonight", or "tomorrow" to designate tasks. Instead I should set specifics like "7:00". I was going to give it a try.

Two days later, I remembered that I was supposed to make the schedule, but I specified I was going to do it "when I got home", another ambiguous time. I forced myself to make the schedule right then. I jotted down the times and events on a sheet of paper and packed it away in my backpack for safe keeping.

Two days later while rummaging through my backpack I find the sheet of paper. There was never any follow-through, but instead it was lost in the back of my mind like everything else.

I told myself I was going to bring the paper to work and make copies and tape them up where I know I will see them. Five hours later I remember the schedule THAT I LEFT ON THE COFFEE TABLE BACK AT MY APARTMENT.

There are some things ritalin doesn't help with.
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hahah oddly enough, this sounds like me...
Noticing my tendencies makes my life a lot easier to understand... it's just so frustrating!

I can totally see how this can lead to depression.
don't you know, Davey, that Ritalin is a STREET DRUG?
you don't know the history of psychiatry, I DO!
you're glib.
take vitamins!
/end Tom Cruise bash

miss you
haha don't get me started on Cruiseology.

p.s. I miss you too.
we havent spoke in forever, but I see youre still doing the same :) seriously though, how have you been?