Who Gives A Damn (womp_rat) wrote,
Who Gives A Damn


So what's new?

I finally have tabs on my neighbors, not including the cockroaches that allegedly live within the walls. I'm sure there's some poor fellow somewhere in the building who comes home to a nightly dance number by hundreds of German cockroaches. I'm talking about human neighbors. My next door neighbor is a smallish girl who is always wearing pink Cubs apparel. She has a dog who is almost her size. Downstiars lives the attractive nurse. She lives with either of the two men that live in the two units. One of them is a tall clean-shaven man, and the other is rugged and drives a pickup truck.

As for the roaches, I'm not positive that they exist. I've seen 3-4 in the last six months. If they do live here, then they seem to be leaving me alone. I've upturned furniture and spontaneously switched on the kitchen light, and never have I seen one roach skittering away. It doesn't stop me from being paranoid.

Also, I made bread for the first time.

Ding! I just leveled up my cooking skill.
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