Who Gives A Damn (womp_rat) wrote,
Who Gives A Damn

And We're BACK!

Ok, I'm starting to feel bad, seeing as incendiarymind misses me so much. I read everyone's crap, I just don't post anymore. So yes, I'm pretty much stalking you. I've been playing World of Warcraft way too much, and I guess that's why I don't write anymore. All my brain cells have been killed off in Alterac Valley and Zul'Gurub, and thus I have nothing to share.

Go Cubs, though! For those who actually care and actually know what I'm referring to, I will be keeping track of the new CF-O-Meter, where I will keep track of the two past and present opening day center fielders of the Chicago Cubs.

Corey Patterson
Avg. .100
Hit 1
BB 0
SO 3
SB 1

Juan Pierre
Avg .273
BB 7
SO 2
Hit 6
SB 0

As you can see, Corey Patterson, who know plays for the Balimore Orioles, has one more stolen base than Juan Pierre. I guess we really don't know what we're missing, as was the case with Sammy Sosa when HE was traded to the O's.

Again, I must apologize to the residents of Baltimore for dumping our garbage on you. I'm sure one day you will have the chance to return the favor.
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Yay! Davey! Are you on myspace or did you decide to stick with Friendster?

Why would the Orioles want two former Cubs? Don't they realize the only team that's ever succeeded with former Cubs was the Red Sox. Other than that, having two will just drag your team down.

It is a little sad to see that Corey still isn't developing even though thankfully it's now for another team. Pierre is one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball and we're lucky to have him.
I don't mess with friendster anymore. I'm on myspace though.

I think the Cards also succeed with former Cubs... Lou Brock, Bruce Sutter, Mark Grudzielanek (although I wouldn't put Grudz in the same category as the other two).
Yes, you can have one ex-Cub on your team and do very well. The problem is multiple Cubs.

Are you on Janet's page? I'll look you up.