Who Gives A Damn (womp_rat) wrote,
Who Gives A Damn

The Big 3-0

Guess which movie I saw this weekend!

If you guessed "none of the above" then you are correct. Instead I spent a lot of time at my sister's in-laws house eating polish food and in my apartment trying to figure out how to use this.

It's kind of a piece of crap with more RAM than many people's home PCs. The good thing is it's thin and fits in just about any pocket, backpack, or body cavity. My dad, who meant to take it to the Philippines, gave it to me as a birthday present because he couldn't figure out how to use it. So with this gift, I am commissioned to figure out how it works. I'm pretty sure it's not rocket science, seeing as a million schmucks walk around the city with those obnoxious white wires running from their ears, just sending a message to the world that they have something hidden on their bodies that you may just want to steal.

So the sports world gave me a pretty good birthday present this weekend. For one, the Bulls are in the playoffs, giving me at least another week of basketball to actually care about. This marks the first time the Bulls have had two consecutive playoff seasons since the Mike era.

Secondly the Cubs won. Hey, I'll take anything from these guys. I was expecting Glendon Rusch to give up six runs in the first inning, but he pitched a pretty good game. The Cubs took 2/3 from the Pirates.

Oh yeah... the Sox won too. But anyway...
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a birthday isnt a birthday without a potato
I know... I need to import me some potatoes.
The DJ on WXRT this morning actually wondered aloud when the last time all four Chicago sports teams won on the same day.
What's the fourth? The Blackhawks?
Yep. That mysterious hockey team rumored to "play" in the United Center. The Fire did not win but they played on Saturday and not Sunday.
The only hockey team I know of is the Wolves. I'm confused. What are we talking about again?
Your birthday and how I keep forgetting to give you birthday salutations.
Have you dreamed of not tearing yourself away from soccer tranlsations even in a bathroom?
... Observing beautiful girls under the blanket at night?
... Keeping on watching the favorite movies lying in the yard?

Oh, Yes.


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Thanks for attention.